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Throughout my life, I have come across a variety of quotations that have inspired, amused, and challenged my thinking.  In no particular order or reason, I’ll share some with you.  Hope you enjoy them.

“I am wounded, but I am not slain. I will lay me down and bleed awhile… then I will rise and fight again.” – Plutarch

“Singing now while you still have a song.” – Grace Slick

” Health, happiness, and success depend on the fighting spirit of each person.  The big thing is not what happens to us, but what we do about what happens to us.” – George Allen


Away For Too Long

It’s October 29 and my first day back to this blog… not a good thing, but life and work gets in the way.  The October Challenge fell by the wayside but I plan on going through it on my own timeline; surely a lot of good insight there.

I have some ideas for this blog… sections for Quotations, Projects, Copywriting, LTC and more. Hope those who visit find it interesting.  Until next time, toodles…..

It’s A Start

I created this blog for The No Rules October Challenge with Writers Digest. It’s not much of a first entry, but I’m here…. and I’m here to stay.  I promise everyone who stumbles upon this site to offer you my best creative efforts. I’ll leave it to you to determine their worth.  Thank you.

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